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Past Webinars

Causal Inference Approach to Matching in Two-Sided Marketplaces - Video

Modeling difficulty of English exercises - probabilistic programming approach - Video

Data and analytics for all!: Separation of Data tier and Zero Copy powered by Apache Arrow & Flight and Dremio - Video

Machine learning in drug discovery - Video

Data Science for (Gender) Equality - Video

Automation or Exploration: What Can AI Bring to the Table in Medicine? - Video

Make It or Break It - How Product Analytics Helps Building Software Products - Video

Preserving Wildlife with Computer Vision - Video

Get Started with ML in Azure Quantum Computing with Q# - Video

Tools for Explainable Artificial Intelligence - Video

Gradient Boosting Machines - From Zero to Hero - Video

The Strong ML Hypothesis - Video

Can telematics data identify risky drivers? - Video

Deep Self-Supervised Learning for All - Video

Multi-state churn analysis with a subscription product - Video

Introduction to Causal Inference - Video

Managing the Machine Learning Lifecycle - Video

Choosing the Right AI Tech Stack - Video

Modelling the Spread of SARS-COV-2 - Video

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